CustomsLink has links to multiple sea ports around the UK, as well as Dover and Folkestone (Eurotunnel terminal). These links are used for both inventory and non-inventory linked UK customs clearances. The customs declaration is linked to the port inventory system and a specific consignment, allowing for the customs release status on the port system to be automatically updated on clearance of the customs declaration and sent from customs directly to the port in a secure and trusted manner. We have the relevant customs 'badges' for UK ports.

customs clearance port badges


Dover and Eurotunnel are not inventory linked and neither are most RORO ports. At an inventory linked port, you access the port record and present entries against it. Nothing can leave until the inventory is finalised, meaning that all goods are either cleared or offloaded and the container is free to proceed.


A customs agent requires a ‘badge’ (electronic login) for each inventory linked port that they intend to clear at. Otherwise, they cannot access the inventory and cannot present entries. 

At non inventory linked ports you simply submit entries to customs and inform the driver/port of the entry details.

The inventory systems used by ports around the UK are CCS for airfreight and Destin8 and CNS for ocean freight.

We can offer customs clearance at a number of ports across the UK with full control, flexibility and visibility for our customers. This growing list of port links is reflective of the general growth and expansion of our business and our consistent effort to respond to customer requirements in an ever-changing logistics industry.


  • Aberdeen (GBABD)
  • Avonmouth (GBAVO)
  • Ayr (GBAYR)
  • Baltic Wharf (GBBAW)
  • Barrow-Upon-Humber (GBBHR)
  • Barry (GBBAD)
  • Belfast (GBBEL) (XIBEL)
  • Birkenhead (GBBRK)
  • Birmingham (GBBHM)
  • Blyth (GBBLY)
  • Boston (GBBOS)
  • Brightlingsea (GBBLS)
  • Bristol (GBBRS)
  • Bromborough (GBBHK)
  • Buckie (GBBUC)
  • Burntisland (GBBTL)
  • Cardiff (GBCDF)
  • Carrington (GBCRT)
  • Chatham (GBCTM)
  • Coatbridge (GBCOT)
  • Corpach (GBCOR)
  • Cowes (GBCOW)
  • Cromarty Firth (GBCRN)
  • Dagenham (GBDAG)
  • Dartford (GBDFD)
  • Dover (GBDVR)
  • Dover/Eurotunnel (GBDEU)
  • Dundee (GBDUN)
  • East Midlands (GBEMA)
  • Eastham (GBEAM)
  • Eastleigh (GBEAT)
  • Ellesmere Port (GBELL)
  • Eurotunnel (GBEUT)
  • Falmouth (GBFAL)
  • Felixstowe (GBFXT)
  • Flixborough (GBFLW)
  • Folkestone (GBFOL)
  • Garston (GBGTN)
  • Glasgow (GBGLW)
  • Goole (GBGOO)
  • Grangemouth (GBGRG)
  • Greenock (GBGRK)
  • Grimsby (GBGSY)
  • Groveport (GBGRW)
  • Gunness Wharf (GBGUW)
  • Harwich (GBHRH)
  • Heysham (GBHYM)
  • Hull (GBHUL)
  • Hunterston (GBHST)
  • Immingham (GBIMM)
  • Inland external temporary storage facility (GBTHC)
  • Invergordon (GBIVG)
  • Inverness (GBINV)
  • Ipswich (GBIPS)
  • Irlam, Manchester Ship Canal (GBIRL)
  • Irvine (GBIRV)
  • Keadby (GBKEA)
  • Killingholme (GBKIL)
  • Kings Lynn (GBKLN)
  • Kirkcaldy (GBKKD)
  • Kishorn (GBKIS)
  • Leeds/Manchester (GBMNC)
  • Leith (GBLEI)
  • Lerwick (GBLER)
  • Liverpool (GBLIV)
  • London (GBLON)
  • London Gateway (GBLGP)
  • Lowestoft (GBLOW)
  • Medway (GBMED)
  • Methil (GBMTH)
  • Mostyn (GBCHE)
  • New Holland (GBNHO)
  • Newport (GBNPT)
  • Nigg (GBNGG)
  • Parkeston Quay, Harwich (GBPST)
  • Pembroke (GBPEM)
  • Plymouth (GBPLY)
  • Port of Tyne / Newcastle (GBNCL)
  • Port Talbot (GBPTB)
  • Portsmouth (GBPTM)
  • Purfleet (GBPFT)
  • Ridham (GBRID)
  • Rochester (GBRCS)
  • Rosyth (GBROY)
  • Runcorn (GBRUN)
  • Salford (GBSFY)
  • Seaham (GBSEA)
  • Sharpness (GBSSS)
  • Sheerness (GBSHS)
  • Shoreham (GBSHO)
  • Southampton (GBSOU)
  • Stornoway (GBSTO)
  • Sutton Bridge (GBPSB)
  • Swansea (GBSWA)
  • Teesport (GBTEE)
  • Teignmouth (GBTNM)
  • Thamesport (GBTHP)
  • Tilbury (GBTIL)
  • Tranmere (GBTRA)
  • Troon (GBTRN)
  • Ullapool (GBULL)
  • Warrenpoint (XIWPT)
  • Warrington, Manchester Ship Canal (GBWRN)
  • Wisbech (GBWIS)

If your clearance requirements include a UK port not in our list we can still help.

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