The Haulier Border Toolkit is specially designed for the haulage and transport industries where you have already taken care of the import/export declaration. The haulier is responsible for ENS, GMR, PBN and so on.

We also offer a MUCR service which is ideal for consolidating your DUCRs on the North Sea.

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Port Passes

Port Passes, also known as pre-lodgement systems, are required to enable the vehicle/trailer to travel on their intended RoRo route (ferry or Eurotunnel).

  • GB/XI - GMR
  • FR - SI Brexit
  • IE – PBN
  • NL - Portbase

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Safety & Security Declarations (EU and GB)

ENS Declarations - FR/NL/IE/XI/ES

An Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) is needed before the goods are dispatched to the country of arrival, allowing border control to complete a proper security assessment.

EU-GB S&S GB (SSGB) ENS will be required from end of October 2024.

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GB EXS Declarations

While an EXS is no longer needed in most cases, there are still instances where they are legally required. 

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Import Control System 2 (ICS2)

Additional upcoming data requirements will be needed for EU imports to strengthen security at EU borders.

Everything hauliers need to know about ICS2


CustomsLink offers a MUCR service (part of the Haulier Border Toolkit) where we can consolidate your multiple DUCRs into one MUCR, saving you time and stress!

What is a MUCR?

A MUCR is a Master UCR. A UCR is a ‘Unique Customs Reference’ and each customs declaration has one. It is shown on your CustomsLink Dashboard along with the MRN.

Master UCRs are normally used to associate or link several declaration UCRs. This might be useful where a container holds a number of consignments from different exporters, each of which has a Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR).

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PLEASE NOTE You do not need a MUCR if you are shipping through a GVMS route.

Haulier Border Toolkit

The Haulier Border Toolkit offers our customers a self-service digital solution for creating your own ENS, EXS, Port Passes (GMR, PBN etc) and MUCRs.

Available 7 days a week

GMR (UK), PBN (Ireland), Portbase (Netherlands) - all your Port Passes in one place

Complete and submit your information in minutes

Create unlimited SSD (ENS, EXS, SSGB coming soon) and Port Pass references

No contract, just pay as you go

Smartphone ready for drivers

API integration available for high volume customers

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Dedicated account manager.

Integration to your customers to improve supply chain options.

Onboarding team will look at data integration to automate processes.

Lowest declaration cost based on volume.

*Max 20 licenses. additional licenses are available at cost, speak with your accounts manager.

What do I need?

What do I need?

Use our selector tool to work out which customs paperwork and documentation you need for your journey.

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