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Last week was no ordinary week, as the CustomsLink team had the pleasure of helping Ukraine Equestrian Relief with their customs declaration. 

Who is Ukraine Equestrian Relief? 

Ukraine Equestrian Relief are a charity created by members of the British equestrian community.  

With the goal of bringing humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian border and assisting those escaping the conflict with getting transport and finding shelter in Europe, Ukraine Equestrian Relief managed to raise over £40,000 – roughly 140% more than their original goal.  

After smashing through their targets, the team gathered and loaded the essential, lifesaving supplies and mobilized to enter mainland Europe via ferry.  

The challenge 

Once they had the supplies, the Ukraine Equestrian Relief team needed to drive these supplies into Europe across the Poland-Ukraine border. 

After booking their ferry with Stena Line (who provided them with free ferry crossing) the Ukraine Equestrian Relief team needed help with making their customs declaration. 

Enter: The CustomsLink team  

"It was our pleasure, we're always happy to help ♥️"

- Zoe 





Our team, especially Zoe, investigated what was needed to help Ukraine Equestrian Relief with their customs clearance.  

After organising the GMR Port Pass for their return ferry and providing the customs advice they needed; Ukraine Equestrian Relief were able to cross into Europe.  

The result 

“A very special thank you to the unflappable Dani Salt and her customs agent Zoe at CustomsLink, who gave up their time to help us navigate the complicated customs process… We didn't finish loading the last lorry until 15 minutes before the customs deadline and you still got it done - amazing achievement. We are beyond grateful.”

- Ukraine Equestrian Relief 

After our team helped the Ukraine Equestrian Relief team navigate through the customs process, they were able to enter Europe and Ukraine, distributing medical supplies directly to ambulances and medical services.  

And they haven’t stopped there. Thanks to continued donations, members of the team remain in Ukraine buying supplies & providing transport for those who need it the most.  

Thanks to the hard work of the entire Ukraine Equestrian Relief team, hundreds of Ukrainian refugees now have access to the medical supplies, food, shelter and/or transport that they sorely need and wholly deserve.  

The CustomsLink team are proud to have played even a small role in Ukraine Equestrian Relief’s journey. 

If you would like to support Ukraine Equestrian Relief, you can make a donation on their Go Fund Me page.