CustomsLink for 4PLs and Intermediaries | CustomsLink®


CustomsLink adds value to your business by enabling you to provide a full customs cleared service to your import and export clients, without the need to employ teams of people. Both your clients and your transport providers will love the easy-to-use interface, which will make you their first choice for their import/export business.

Why choose CustomsLink:

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User friendly system - Intuitive user interface means anyone can use the system.

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Digital copies avoid the need for paper (and no lost docs!). Drivers can receive docs en-route saving precious time.

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Invite supply chain members to contribute the relevant information needed to complete the declaration. Retain control and visibility through managed access rights.

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Integration with your software via an API cuts out manual data entry saving you both time and reducing risk of errors.

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Track-and-trace allows you to follow declaration progress in real time and gives you an audit trail with document archive for peace of mind.

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Real-time status updates give you full visibility of progress, keeping your business moving and avoiding supply chain delays.

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Cloud based with e-links to customs authorities, providing a 24 hour service without the need for additional staff resources.

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Tariff Classification ensures you and your client selects the right tariffs for your products, avoiding the risk of HMRC fines and/or additional charges at a later stage.

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Replicate previous declarations with ease, saving you time.

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Reporting function to generate tailored reports to keep on top of your costs.

Seamlessly link your whole supply chain! For a no obligation discussion on how CustomsLink adds value to your business.Contact us today