UK-NI customs

CustomsLink can now organise your Northern Ireland import declarations for goods movements between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This includes Safety & Security Declarations (ENS) and GMR (GVMS). We provide a complete end-to-end solution, avoiding the need for multiple systems and additional paperwork.

What's the problem with other services?

duplicate paperwork time wastedAlternative services allow you to complete a 'free' simplified declaration at the time of travel, but what isn't always clear is that you still have to complete a supplementary customs declaration at a later date. These can be complicated and time consuming, meaning -

  • Duplicate paperwork to complete for declarations and SSDs
  • Often additional customs broker costs to complete supplementary declarations
  • Time wasted completing a simplified declaration - can still take an age to complete!
  • You still need to obtain a GMR from GVMS
  • Limited customer support and knowledge from free services

Save time and money with the CustomsLink complete service

Why waste your precious time making multiple customs declarations when you can get it all done once. Your business will benefit from the time and cost savings when using CustomsLink. Using the CustomsLink solution you can deliver the goods to your customer without them lifting a finger!

"Had an urgent delivery to be done over to Belfast and needed the paperwork for customs to be done quickly and efficiently. The service I had from CustomsLink was fantastic from start to finish. Thank you so much Zoe and Verity for all your help. Superstars!!"

Derek M

No duplication needed

Once you have completed your customs declaration, the data can also be used for your SSDs and other declaration documents.

One customs broker

You don't need to employ the services of multiple brokers on both sides of the Irish Sea, just use CustomsLink!

Save time and money

Completing a full customs declaration up front is going to save you a lot of time in the long run - remember, we can help.

Best in the business

Our customs team are the best in the business with years of experience from all parts of the supply chain.

Watch our Alternative to the TSS for NI Customs Webinar



Once you have sorted and are aware of a few things, you can complete your GB-NI customs declarations using our online service or let our experienced team do it for you with our classic service.

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