Recognised as the "passport for goods," ATA Carnets streamline the temporary import and export of goods. 


Instead of using multiple documents (such as an import and export document) eligible traders can use a single unified ATA Carnet document to temporarily move goods into customs authorities in countries that are part of the ATA Carnet System.


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Who is eligible? 

You may require an ATA Carnet if you are travelling to the EU with goods that you intend to return to the UK. 


Those eligible to apply for an ATA Carnet include:


  • Traders going to international exhibitions with marketing materials, samples, or equipment.
  • Manufacturing or engineering firms performing overseas services like maintenance, repair, or testing.
  • TV and media entities taking specialised film gear abroad.
  • Educational and research institutions transporting specialised scientific equipment or laptops.
  • Sports and racing teams carrying equipment for international events.
  • Entertainment companies moving special sound or video equipment.


Please note, the above are illustrative examples and not an exhaustive list. 

How long is an ATA Carnet valid for?

An ATA Carnet is valid for 12 months. Within this period, you can transport the specified goods across approved destinations multiple times (subject to voucher limitations).

Do you need a security deposit?

The ATA Carnet acts as a guarantee to foreign customs, ensuring that all relevant duties and taxes will be paid in the event that the temporary import conditions are not met. Therefore, a security deposit is necessary. 


Options for security deposit include a banker's draft, cash, a bank guarantee, or our in-house Carnet Security Scheme (CSS).

How do I apply for an ATA Carnet?

The International Document Manager is made with exporters in mind. Our new service includes everything you’ll need to get through customs - whether you require an ATA Carnet, COO or EUR1. 


To apply for your ATA Carnet, simply sign up on our platform and request access to our International Document Manager. Upon approval, you'll be guided on how to proceed with your carnet requests. 


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Why choose CustomsLink?

In addition to our comprehensive services and 4.7 star Google rating, CustomsLink offers competitive rates for issuing ATA Carnets, providing a cost-effective alternative to other providers. This makes us a preferred choice for traders looking for both efficiency and affordability in managing their temporary import and export needs.


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