Local Reference Number

As we move ahead with customs procedures, we are discovering new things that might be tripping people up. Making sure that you know what you need to do is crucial. This is why we have a new addition to our Banana Skin Series, Local Reference Numbers (LRN).  

What is a LRN? 

If you need a transit declaration you will need to produce a LRN in order to complete the document. Each consignment will need its own unique local reference number, which cannot be duplicated onto another consignment. 

How Many LRNs Do I Need? 

You will only need one LRN if all of the consignments that you are transporting over the border are listed under one transit declaration. 

If you are transporting multiple consignments that are listed under multiple transit declarations, then you will need to obtain a separate LRN for each transit declaration that you submit. 

This brings us to our seventh banana skin. A lot of drivers have not been aware that they may need to present multiple LRNs. This has meant that they are being held at the port, putting a strain on the supply chain and preventing them from delivering the goods to their final destination. 

It is really important that you provide a separate LRN with each transit declaration in order to be successful in transporting goods between the UK and the EU. 

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We want to make sure that you are aware of all of the new customs changes. Keep your eyes peeled for more banana skin additions to our blog over the next few weeks.