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Yes, the CustomsLink software handles NCTS (New Computerised Transit System) movements.

Your Haulier will be able to discuss what fees they charge you for this service. 

Using this service helps them keep their cost down to you – if you arrange your customs clearance yourself, your Haulier will still need to re-enter all your details to obtain Safety and Security Declarations and then arrange to clear port community systems.

In order to make an import or export declaration in the EU, you need to have an entity based there. This means that if you are UK based, you can make a UK import or export declaration, but need an EU entity to represent you in the EU to make a declaration there.

Unfortunately, in many cases this can be difficult. In order to sell your goods Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) you need to have a base both in the UK and the EU, then first export to your entity in the other customs territory before arranging final delivery.

Speak to the CustomsLink team to make sure your paperwork is all in order to do this.

No, you will also need to make sure that the EU customs clearance is arranged, as you require an export and an import for each movement. 

If your buyer/supplier in the EU is arranging this, all you need to do is input the EU MRN (Movement Reference Number) into CustomsLink alongside your UK customs entry and the Haulier will be able to complete the movement.

Yes, if your customer gives you a Customs Clearance document – you still need to lodge a safety and security declaration.

SSDs are required for EU countries from 1st January 2021, and from 1st January 2022 for the UK. You will also still need to submit data to the relevant pre-lodgement model for the relevant EU country (e.g. Portbase in the Netherlands, Smart Border in France, GVMS in the UK, PBN in the Republic of Ireland).

Manually these tasks are time-consuming and prone to error. If you manage your customs in CustomsLink, you can overcome these barriers.

Find out more about Hauliers and SSDs. 

Yes we are CFSP authorised, but you will still need to complete the full entry before a deadline. This process is ideal for larger importers.

Contact our team for more information.

CustomsLink can arrange customs clearance for you in a number of EU countries through our partner network.

Please contact us for the current list.

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Helpful Questions & Answers

For Hauliers

From 1st January 2021, the UK will be treated as a ‘3rd country’. This means that not only are customs declarations required, but the ‘carrier’ needs to submit Safety and Security Declarations (SSDs). SSDs are also known as ENS (entry summary declaration) or EXS (exit summary declaration) and these need to be submitted in the EU’s Import Control System (ICS) from 1st January or the UK’s equivalent system - SSGB - from 1st January 2022. When goods are shipped driver accompanied, the Haulier is deemed to be the ‘carrier’, and where trailers are shipped on ferries unaccompanied, the Ferry Operators have also moved this responsibility back to the Hauliers, meaning that they are responsible for SSDs regardless of the method of shipment. In addition to this, to get through the ports you will need to submit a list of your Movement Reference Numbers to either a ‘ Port community system’ or Logistics Envelope before you can check in at your port of departure. These systems can be clunky and charge a fee. CustomsLink covers this for you.

Please provide full company name, email and contact details, whether you’re a haulier or trader and we will be in contact with you. Email address: or call 01772 368002.

CustomsLink is the best solution for groupage operators. Our Portpass builder automatically groups all the consignments which you are shipping in the same vehicle, so that you can easily request your Portpass and the haulier can make his journey with no disruption.

Yes. As long as you have been invited and signed your LOA to each haulier in the “my haulier” tab, you can have multiple hauliers.

Safety & Security Declarations(ENS)

A Safety & Security Declaration is used by border authorities to analyse the potential risk caused to their territory by goods crossing their border. It is not about the duties and taxes. There are two types of declaration – ENS (entry summary declaration) and EXS (exit summary declaration). You need an SSD from GB-EU & GB-NI. (SSDs will be required from EU-GB from Jan 01, 2022).

The SSD is only valid for the declared date & time of the shipment. For more information on diversion or amends, please contact our team on +44(0)1772 368289.

Please check out our tutorial videos for help. We do offer a classic service where we can create the ENS(SSD)for you. For details email

Look at the red dots to the left to identify where the error is. Most errors are caused when incorrect commodity codes are entered. Please ensure you use the 10 digit commodity code. If you are still stuck call our SSD & Portpass team on +44(0)1772 368289 or email

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