This is an NCTS T1 transit movement – watch this space! You will need a comprehensive guarantee in place.

A Safety & Security Declaration (SSD) is used by border authorities to analyse the potential risk caused to their territory by goods crossing their border. It is not about the duties and taxes.

There are two types of declaration – ENS (entry summary declaration) and EXS (exit summary declaration).

You need an SSD from GB-EU & GB-NI. (S&S GB SSDs will be required from EU-GB from the end of 2023).

S&S GB (Safety & Security Great Britain) or SSGB is the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) service for goods imported into Great Britain from the EU and RoW. This will be a requirement from October 2024. Find out more

To ensure flexibility when moving goods out of Great Britain via the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel there is a dual Freight Location Code (FLC) that should be used. This will help to avoid errors within the Goods Movement Reference (GMR).

For example: If the export declaration is created using Dover’s FLC but the driver then travels through Eurotunnel using a GMR with the Eurotunnel FLC, it will contain errors.

If the driver checks-in without correcting the errors, the GMR will be invalid, and the driver will be turned away until these errors are corrected.

Hauliers, drivers, or logistics companies must -

  • ensure your supply chain and, in particular, the trader, intermediary or declarant, know which border location you will be leaving from
  • make sure you check that they have used the dual FLC if you’re exiting via Dover or Eurotunnel.
  • make sure you have a process in place to contact the declarant, in case of an error within the GMR so they can correct the declaration.

Traders, exporters, intermediaries, or customs agents must -

  • ensure you know which border location your haulier, driver or logistics company will be using to exit Great Britain with your goods
  • use the dual FLC if your goods are leaving via Dover or Eurotunnel.

If there’s a chance the driver may change their routing after the declarations have been created, we suggest using the dual FLC for Dover/Eurotunnel to avoid any potential errors or delays.

Please visit the UK Government website for the most up-to-date advice. Brexit - GOV.UK (

CustomsLink have made this easy for you. When you choose CustomsLink to manage your border processes, we help you to get both you and your customers prepared. Simply upload your customer contact details into your secure profile (either individually or in bulk) to generate an invite to your customer to register. Your customer is sent a trader welcome pack, explaining the process and helping them prepare, with useful advice on items such as Tariff Classification and how to set up a deferment account.

As our system transacts with customs authorities we will need to verify their identity during the first sign-on process. You can follow which of your customers are registered from your Haulier dashboard.
Some of your customers may already organise their own customs clearance, but you will still need their information to complete safety and security declarations and obtain port passes. The CustomsLink platform allows pre-completed customs declarations to be uploaded to the platform so you can obtain the necessary safety and security declarations and get through the ports.

Yes, CustomsLink can fill in the entry for you using our Classic service. Speak to our team about your requirements. 

Your Haulier may also be able to fill in the details for you on the system however, you must provide these details to them.

Our system has been designed to be simple to fill in, for people in all parts of the supply chain. Check out some of our other Support Centre content to get help if you need it.

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